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Smart Drive Motor / Generator Build Log
(01-25-2024, 04:43 AM)MerLynn Wrote: In the better built LG motor,
the Infinity Loop is 'made' by
1. attaching a 12 V car or bike battery to run the motor. It can be done with a speed controller too. This gives us 1 rotating Field.
2. un-bridging the Wires where the 3 of them are terminated and attach 2 of them to a Load like lights or a bench grinder motor. This means that the 'same' equipment is both a motor and a generator. These 2 Fields being Generated in the same space by the same equipment, creates an infinity loop around a Neutral Centre. Same as the human heart that Tesla said was a perfect machine and incorporates the 2 Rotating Magnetic Fields of The Human Body That Tesla disguised as a Mechanical Contraption when he discovered this Essential Life Design... When it does the bench grinder motor runs. Put a multimeter on it and you destroy the Fields with another source of vibrations to interfere.
The battery current goes into the motor, through the motor and on to the generator. They are connected 'virtually'. Its a Non Physical interaction. A newly created infinity loop is a Newly Created Life Form. It literally is ALIVE. When this turns on a light bulb in your head, you will be on your way to over unity.

As I said, I am watching your thread to see the method you present.  But Comments like this " When this turns on a light bulb in your head"  are a big turnoff and makes people shut down anything you say.  (as we seen at other forums).  

How could you say my "Light Bulb Is Off" when you basically paraphrased my post with minor adjustments?  

Maybe the LG can work, I do not have enough info on that motor tho to be sure. When I asked, you said it was not that important, so I backed off.   As I see it, that motor is wired in the wrong phase.  Simply using each separate phase gives us 120 degrees between phases.  Now our 2 breath's aren't phased right..

But maybe it can work with the LG and I do not see the pattern yet, which is why I am following your thread.  So I await till you get to the details so I can reevaluate, or await till you show a running OU model.   

I can only guess on how your model is wired.  Maybe you are breaking the phases into groups and only using 2 that are 60 degrees apart.  MAYBE this will give enough back to sustain, but it is not optimal. Or maybe you are doing something else.  I tried to get clarity of your magnet to coil arrangement but the info was too scarce to know yet.  So I wait till you reveal.

As I said tho, I will not post my details of operation in your thread, but I absolutely will in my threads. If it can be done with the LG, there is no doubt it can be done with other motors and setups. And I highly doubt that the prime movers must be taken from the stator, although I acknowledge they can be if the setup allows.

To reiterate what I have said before, I am not doubting Joe's method and understanding. But I am not on-board with the full-out "re-educating" intentions, as that's not how humans work.  Especially when the educator has yet to show the working product or outcome.   I'd rather let others naturally question their own beliefs in their own terms over "re-educating them"

Anyway- we are walking the same tight rope here with 2 different balancing techniques.  So I will continue to hear you out as you provide updates.
Hi folks,

I'm looking to pick up a direct drive washing machine motor to play around with.

Is this one any good? It's an LG Direct Drive rotor and stator.

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(01-25-2024, 09:59 AM)lfarrand Wrote: Hi folks,

I'm looking to pick up a direct drive washing machine motor to play around with.

Is this one any good? It's an LG Direct Drive rotor and stator.

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Hi Lee, thank you for participating.

your question may be better answered in Merlynn's thread, as he is specifically using such motors. Here is a link-  MerLynn's Thread

I am happy to share as I see it, but I do not have my hands on this model.  And in all honestly, whether or not my views will work is yet to be determined.  

Please do keep us updated tho- as the more people building and sharing, the better!
Thanks Jim. The more the merrier, eh?

I followed that link but got a 'The specified thread does not exist' message.

Am I right in assuming it's this one that you meant? Tesla Designed Rotating Field motors.
(01-25-2024, 10:51 AM)lfarrand Wrote: Thanks Jim. The more the merrier, eh?

I followed that link but got a 'The specified thread does not exist' message.

Am I right in assuming it's this one that you meant? Tesla Designed Rotating Field motors.

Oops..  I corrected it..

As far as my views go, I will compare it to my "Breathing" analogy above.  As 1 phase (Lung) is FULL of air, the other Phase is Empty.  Which equates to 90 degrees between phases.  So the movement of "Breath" between the 2 counter parts is always phased in a way where one's "exhaust" is the other's "Input" at the exact time where they harmonize in a resonant state between the 2 counter parts.

This does not mean the output frequency is in resonance with the coil's frequency, it means one phase is in resonance with the 2nd phase.

Will it work with other phases?  Perhaps..  Will the efficiency be as good?  I think 90 degrees is optimal.  

So if my theories are correct, that motor needs to be evaluated by the exact magnet / coil count to determine what configuration can be used to create the best phases that motor can produce.   And I am NOT saying that other phases will not work.  Afterall, a partially collapsed lung can still sustain life if it can process enough oxygen.  So perfect phasing may not be absolutely necessary.

Now the picture alone does not give enough info IMHO.  We can easily count the magnets and coils, but I know for absolute certainty many motors like that have multiple magnets in each "magnet".    Here is a page outlining the differences in a "similar" motor.  You can see what I mean about the magnet count in that page. 

Feel free to ask Merlynn also.  I agree, the more angles one has to evaluate, the more informed decision they can make.  And I think seeing it through your own perspective offers a sense of clarity that can never be obtained from a "teacher" imparting their perspective onto you.
So I started making a 2 phase generator last week, but put it on pause due to the new rotors and stators I ordered.  Since the fits were questionable and will need work, I decided to at least test my home made generator.

Not too shabby!   not great, but maybe acceptable...



Now nothing is bolted down and the motor is just resting on the table with a HUGE gap, but looking at the output, the phasing is in the ball-park and the sinusoidal forums are not that horrible..  You can obviously see the imperfections in the "shoulders" of the sinewave around the zero line.  

It "Might" be good enough to perform my tests to get the data I need.  I think I will bolt this sucker down and see what comes..
Ok so as an update to this project, That last generator looked OK when the spacing was far, but as soon as I closed the gap, I lost the quality of the waves. The "Shoulders" of the wave started spiking and it was real sloppy.  Not what I am looking for.

What I know will work is if I got 1 single magnet to spin. This guarantees no interruptions in the field.  But the magnet needs to be large enough so position 4 coils around.   And finding a diametrically magnetized ring magnet this size will not only be near impossible to find, but the price will be astronomical. a 2" N45 is $175  and that isn't even large enough to get 4 coils around it.

We could always resort to the single coil rotor design, but then we are dealing with input requirements, brushes, commutators, and the likes..

So I am 3d printing something to try.  I will show it if it looks decent.
The single spinning magnet idea seems OK so far.  It's solid and spins almost true.  The magnet is a 40mm x 20mm disc neo.  Not sure the N strength.  I have a mixture of N35's and an N52 or 2 so I am not sure which this is.  but it's glued in so it is what it is.

Now I am getting the coils and stands ready.  A single magnet spinning should give me my 90 degree pure sinusoidal output I yearn for ..
I couldn't resist checking the output wave from 1 coil..  Looks EXCELLENT!

See, 1 magnet creates a full uniform magnetic field, so when 1 single magnet is spinning, you should always get a nice looking wave output.  It's just difficult to do because finding a magnet strong enough and large enough to surround with coils is difficult, not to mention mounting to takes some thought.

But this will allow me to make relatively any phase relationship I want.  So this will definitely produce my 90 degree waves.

Ok so after trying to mount these coils (eyeballing it), I realized it need to make the stator more precise.  I want near perfect alignment.  Well at least better than I can get it by eyeballing..

After a few prints, I think the coil holder now looks good.  So I am next printing the bobbins for the coils.

This will certainly get me my 2 phases I want in generator form. Then I can play with the waves in different configurations and enter "Discovery Mode".

Note-  There is going to be 4 coils.

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