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Classic's Self Excited Alternator
Sound complicated but, it is simple.

Google search self excited alternator

If I have time and enough wires I will make a little one over the weekend, 1 twisted loop of copper wire or wrapping wire, a toroid wound on the loop, 1 pwm, 1 full bridge rectifier, eventually sound amplifier module 2x50w. Should be enough for proof of concept. As long as there will be weak magnetic field induced by the loop.
Toroid contain all magnetic field inside where the loop is. 4 taps in toroid from which 1 will be for self excitation and 3 phases for output. Only few diodes I need to order, I think … loads of calculations to be done in mean time. Magnetic field (pulsed with little pwm and 1 aa battery) is at 90 degrees all along the circumference inside the toroid, no ferrite at all.

As we can see all of them were under our nose all the time, I mean self excited alternators … if we remove or replace self regulator voltage we can have plenty power without any other power source to be used after kick start. Make it solid state, without moving parts and you have a self runner as Figuera did.

For those using wind or solar systems to power their house and have everything in place, it is thousands time cheaper to install a self excited alternator (without any modifications) instead of solar panels … just a simple self excited alternator for cars. Cheap, reliable and available 24/7.

Millions of electronic components from auto industry with high reliability for years of use.

I guess i’ll be very busy this year ??

If is working my idea, I have source of silver plated copper wires at very good price … Arie DeGeus patents are a gold mine, worth to spend time to understand what he is saying there and how he describes his working devices that he invented.

And we do not rotate magnetic field, we rotate the aether. Magnetic field is used for pumping, compression and decompression … this is what is happening in a permanent magnet: continuous high pressure at one end and continuous low pressure at the other end.

If this method is to be used, calculate natural frequency of the coil where electric field is induced, than use a simple pwm to pulse DC at this frequency, play with thickness of wires and geometry(sizes) of the coils for more amps or volts, adjust duty in such way not to kill the source under the load.

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