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Scalar…What was John Bedini and Thomas Bearden talking about?
There is a lot of very valuable information in the old radio shows hosted by Bill Jenkins, called open mind. He had John Bedini, Thomas Bearden, Ron Cole on there and they were talking about an electric dc motor turning either a G-Field generator or a SSG Energizer and then this combination was powering auxiliary loads like larger motors, heaters etc.

I have posted some videos about this for those who are interested in something, which may be a new approach that was hidden in plain sight. 

I first saw a user called erfinder presenting what he had discovered and I took a serious look at what he was saying. I looked into this further and many were saying much the same thing, releasing hints and small tidbits of information. People like John Bedini, Thomas Bearden, Ron Cole, Peter Lindemann, Bill Murray, Paul Babcock, Toby Grotz etc were telling us something.

I would recommend you listen to those old radio shows were John, Ron and Tom talk about the G-Field generator and how it works. They are located here:

I also made some video clips of some of this information, specifically some important points I found. Those videos are found here:

And here:

Dave Wing
The scalar wave is often described as a longitudinal electric wave.  It propagates in the direction of the field, and contrary to transverse electromagnetic waves, it does not fluctuate in the transverse plane.

Figuera figured out how to create scalar waves with his resistor rig.  

Sort of the like the "elusive Mono-Pole" Magnet that people search for..

Scalar waves can be created in several ways.  But thus far, all ways of producing them have their pitfalls that either nullifies or negates the effects.

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