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90 Degrees
There may be other ways to achieve OU- but in general- Solid state or motion devices should focus on 90 degrees.  

So we have a car rolling down a hill..  We need to stop it..  It's natural we all know we need to get in front of the car to oppose the force.  This is what Lenz law does..  We have moving magnets..  Old man Lenz want's to stop the motion, so he positions himself in front of the magnets..  Perpendicular to the motion.  This never changes...

So what happens if instead we push on the passenger door as it's rolling downhill?  Can we stop it?  Of course not..  Maybe we put a little lateral force on the bearings, but we can not stop the car from the side.  We need to be in front of it..

So how do we beat Old Man Lenz?  We need to trick him into thinking the car is rolling downhill when the car is actually moving sideways.  Old man Lenz applies his force to the front of the car which does nothing to stop it from going sideways..

So you may be thinking "We could use gears to change rotation 90 degrees".  Unfortunately not..  Gears will transfer the opposing energy 90 degrees so it's a no go..  We need to figure out how to change the direction of motion by 90 degrees without transferring the opposing force.  

Same thing with solid state devices.  If we can get the induced current 90 degrees out of phase with the inducing current, it can not pass to the input.  

The way a magnet generator inducts is 90 degrees different that how a transformer inducts.  Static induction vs dynamic induction is 90 degrees different.  So to begin-  how to get a transformer to induct like a generator in motion?  Or how to get a moving magnet generator to induct like a transformer?  

I will be posting some stuff in this thread and videos of experiments.
Lets show some solid state examples how to accomplish this..


Take a Bifilar coil..  And power one coil only..  We have a magnetic field..


Now put power on to the 2nd coil on the same side..  Now we have a bigger magnetic field..   The fields combined to make 1 large field..


Now take 1 power lead off and power one coil from the other side..  Now we have 2 opposite poles together and the magnetic field cancels.  We now have no magnetic field.


As you can see, 2 magnetic fields merge and can increase or deduct magnetism.  This is how we can shift phases..  By using 2 inductors to merge the field..

So lets take 2 coils again and put 2 different sinewaves 90 degrees apart..  They will combine and induce a wave that is 45 degrees apart from each coil input.  


Now you can start scratching your head and wondering what happens to Lenz in this system..  The induced wave no longer matches either inducing wave.  

I am trying to clean up so I can setup some examples and show video with scope shots of these concepts.  It is my belief this is exactly what Clemente Figuera was doing, as well as many other devices.

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