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2 Energies for one output device
A perpetual motion machine is a mythical device that does not use energy to run.

However, if it walks like duck and quacks like a duck more than likely it is a -----

The photos below are a motor type device the runs on Gravity and magnetic forces only

The Gravity weight makes the motor turn and 
the magnetic force lifts the weight to a higher level so the gravity can make it turn
The offset of weight from one side to the other on the wheel is the potential energy that makes the kinetic energy
But Gravity and magnetic is not energy in itself.
So this device does not use Energy to run on
Hello People: Sorry if there are no photos of the drawings of this technology yet.
hopefully someday they will show up.

Thank you.

Tom aka Dr. Wlazlak
From TOM's E-mail

(2 energies for one output device)
This is as close to a perpetual motion machine as one can get.


This is the housing for the inner wheel on bearings


There are iron ball inside plastic tubes that have permanent magnets on each ends
this mounts to the rotating wheel and the wheel goes in bearing on the outer housing


This show the inner tubes on the wheel and the outer magnetic rings mounted and fixed not to turn on the housing
The tubes and wheel turns on bearings 


This show how the iron ball are lifted and how the back Emf or counter reaction is made zero or balance so no clogging happens


This show the offset of weight so the gravity is the force than moves the device 
and at the top and bottom location the balls lift UP by the magnetic force
S/N to S/N = On force S/N to N/S = Off force so as the wheel turn the magnets force turn off at the bottom and on at the top
lifting the iron balls in the tubes
Thanks Tom

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