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3 Coil Virtual Rotation Build
Bi-toroid Transformer replication
Newbie here.  Why not use 9 coils.  Wire 3 in series <3 sets> each.  Pulse each set to get virtual rotation [3 seperate timer chips] Use multiple pick up coils on the outside - each coil to its own capacitor bank.
This is a interesting experiment that has to do with resonance.
I completed 1 pickup coil and tested.  450 turns of 21 gauge, which came out to 6.1 ohms.  I did not wind the second because I wanted to test it to determine if it was worth the wire.


The results are not outstanding.  The phases are correct, When the center coil is at peak, the output is at zero.  The input barely raises when connecting a load.

BUT The output is too low.  So at this point, even doubling the output with a 2nd coil will not reach the input requirement.  So I will hold off winding the 2nd coil.

This was a good test and it may lead to something more later. I think the problem is the Back-EMF of the coils when using 2 polarity AC.  The coil's self-induct lowering the input when I raise frequency.  Even with the space in the middle..

The results may have been different with Low Ohm primaries.  And I may come back to this.  

I wanted to share the results, so there they are.
With the test you performed did you experience any nonlinear anomaly when you increased voltage or frequency on the primary? Just curious ?

I'm sorry but that would be with a load on the secondary. My bad.

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