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An Invention: A type of electromagnetic coil of greater power output
What could a coil that produces more output watts pull power be used for?
The ratio factor is about 5 times more pull power to the watts uses in a normal type coil
There was testing on this coil done to prove this is a true event
Both test was at 50 watts input 
First coil was a normal iron core coil - the pull test is the same for both test - pull at 1/2 inch air gap = 1/4 lbs. force
The second test was the higher output electromagnetic coil
At the same input of 50 watts input power and the same pull of 1/2 inch air gap. = 1 and 1/4 lbs. pull force 
Could this type of electromagnetic coil be used for a Free Energy output device?
Hello there..  What is the proposed method to use such a coil?  We would need more info..

Here is my initial analysis;

If you are talking about using it to induct a secondary coil, then the strength of the coil alone is not enough and will never be enough without some other scheme to beat the secondary reciprocal magnetic field that normally flows back through the primary. If a primary is given a magnetic path to induct a secondary, then it is assumed the secondary will also reciprocate that induction back to the primary-  which raises the input proportionally.  Unless of course there is another scheme involved to beat Lorentz reciprocal. And in such case, a super powered coil would not even be necessary.

But if the coil was used to beat gravity or another angle- , maybe...  What I mean is as follows...

Lets say coil could suck a 100 pound metal ball off the ground to an elevation of 10 feet, then shut it off and drop the ball.  We would need to calculate maximum possible power that can be harvested from a 100 pound mass falling 10 feet then compare it to the power it took to raise the ball 10 feet. But I can tell you the odds are not in our favor in that venture.

I am willing to discuss and hear your logic. And if I disagree- please do not let it deter you from experimenting.
Hi Jim Mac, Thank you for responding.
Interesting ideas using coil induction method, that may be an option, but you are right why have a generator running a transformer running a motor running a generator to run a motor to run a car. Too much clap trap.
but directly lifting  100 lbs. of weight 10 ft. to the gravity force is much more direct.
So: What if the coil pull length is 100 percent at 1 inch and reduces to zero at o inches
The coil pulls 1.25 lbs. of constant lift to gravity at a rotary torque of 1800 feet per minute.
This is where the test of the Overpower coil comes in - The test proves this can be done.
This action takes 200 watts to make happen in a motor type device made to preform this task.
The output of the motor in horsepower at 1.25 lbs. at 1800 feet per minute = 4.o9 = 3050 watts output power total
back to running the generator from a motor 200 watts input is needed to produce 3050 watts 
3050 - 200 + friction at about 900 watts = 1950 usable watts on such a device -
What I like to say is - Permanent magnetic force is what fuels this Technology - It is Not Overunity -
It is free energy of sort - once the cost to build is recovered.   
Has this inducted your interest on what this overpower coil could be used for?
There are photos of what is being talked about that I am willing to share. - if needed -
By the way I have my own research machine shop lab. and self-funded for any projects I wish to do.
Fun stuff.
Note: everything I am referring to has been already done and tested
I am here to share this information to anyone who is interested. 
This is my Hobby only: no other motive is being sot.
I am an Engineer - Retired
What Next?
Well I am not too much of a math guy, and I am still very unclear on your device..

I am open source, and if I am intrigued by the claim, and if it's within my ability to build, I probably will.

Feel free to post some details and explain the gain mechanism.  I'm open to listen
Lets start with what a normal electromagnetic iron core coil does - if electric power is applied - it becomes magnetic
but the magnetic force is twice that would be expected, this is called K2 ( I think? )
This is where some are made to believe that extra energy can be drawn out of the decaying magnetic field 
Well: A small amount can but the friction from whatever it is used on is much greater. so it is useless 
So, the magnetic force from an electromagnet can produce 2 times the output force to the input watts
If a Permanent magnet is placed in series to the direction of N and S 
when the electromagnet is OFF the magnetic force going through the iron core is ON at an output of what it may be if it were a normal iron core coil in the power on state
AS to say: A normal iron core coil running at 50 watts will have a pull force of 1/4 lb. at 1/2 inch air gap from an iron bar
In the same way the permanent magnetic force going through the core in the OFF state will pull 1/4 lb. at 1/2 inch from an iron bar.  The permanent magnet is placed on the back side of the coil making it magnetic when OFF
But this permanent magnet / electromagnet that has a 1/4 lb. pull Off - when turn on at 50 watts
will have a 1.25 lb. pull force that does = 5 times the output at the same watts input as a normal coil.
Not much math needed to calculate that 5 times 50 watts = 250 watts produced using 50 watt to do this
This is not hard to test 
Take a normal electromagnetic coil put 50 watt power - see how much it pulls
now take a strong permanent magnet stick it to the back side of the coil - see if it pulls about the same as the 50 watt powered coil - But it should not be powered on this test. 
The magnetic force when Off should be the same pull force as the normal coil when powered ON 
OK: now having the permanent magnet in series to the coil N/s N/s 
apply 50 watts to this system: SEE how much more pull there is. 
If the permanent magnet in series is reversed s/N N/s as so - the pull force will be reduced using 50 of power applied.
What this means is the counter reaction / back Emf force can be turned off by using 100 watts from the 250 watts total output power being developed. 
There is a prototype motor that has been built and tested to prove this is a real event.
There is a video on the internet that shows how this works. 
 Wlazlak - Energy to torque conversion motor - google may work.
Hope this interesting - I know - I really like talking about this stuff. 
Thanks Tom
Sorry, Energy to torque Conversion motor is not enough information to find the link to the video on the internet
there is a few way to find this information - by some search engine.
1 - Tom Wlazlak Quora The Energy To Torque Conversion Motor -
 ( interview by Vinyasi )
2 -  -- on that page -community - General Builders Discussion
Introducing the Energy to Torque Conversion Motor
That will take you to the link page to Vinyasi video page 
That has information on the Energy to torque Conversion Motor 

The meeting was the first zoom meeting I had with Vinyasi and was not intended to go on the internet
I have not seen this video to see how it turned out - Scarry!!
I would have liked to be more prepared if I knew that it was going to be shown to People out there.
It's all in fun no matter what it turns out to be.

Thanks Tom
It sounds like you are trying to use magnetism of a coil or PM to counteract the magnetism of back-emf.  

A magnet passing the face of the coil causes the coil to flip polarities during the pass.  The coil will repel the rotor on the way in and attract on the way out.  1 magnet pass creates a full sinewave.

Meaning You would have to flip polarities of the counter-magnetic force dead center of each pass.  If you used a physical magnet- the magnet itself would have to be un-sucked and flipped.  And if you used another coil to do it, you will create flux (fluctuations of magnetism when flipping) which would induce the main coil.

And it seems to me you can not use a coil at all, because the magnetized core (from the rotor magnet and induced primary) will induce the coil you are using to counteract with.

Some more information and detailed images demonstrating the process would be handy here.  I would like to see your method of dealing with all the snafu's present
The problem is my photos of my drawing are all over 160 MB.
The easiest way to solve this is.
If anyone is interested in Workable Free energy Technologies - Of the EttCM energy technologies designs -
Simple Contact Me I have no problem talking about the subject.

Tom Wlazlak - Gmail -

I have in the past Zoom meetings with people to show them how each part of the technology works
There are many around the world as far as I know to develop their own versions of the EttCM energy systems.
But I do not ask about their progress.

Otherwise: I can answer any questions ask on this forum, If asked ( only )

Thank you, Tom Wlazlak aka. Dr. Wlazlak - Vashon Washington USA
Corinne Technical Design Engineering
Magnagravity systems technologies - start date 12/1999
This type of Electromagnetic coil Can be used to make a Transformer type device that can produce more watts power output than input
It would take 4 EttCM coils for 1 output coil 
The design is an AC type current output device
The output power comes from the use of Permanent magnetic force and once started will produce endless power output
per the output of the design.
unless turned off. 
There are many different type of designs that can be used in this type of transformer technology
I will shortly send a design concept to Jim Mac to post on this string.

Thanks Tom
Tom- in the emails- please supply a link to which thread to post the images.  Hopefully this is the right page..


This is a concept drawing of the transformer 


note: the coils are iron core not really shown on this drawing also the blocks showing NS are permanent magnets of NEfeB
Because this is an AC type of unit each half phase is shown in 2 sets of figures below
These drawing shows the electrical input power is arranged AC is the same as DC being reversed in cycles as the drawings show


The drawing below show the on magnetic force and the direction of magnetic travel to make 1/2 cycle positive


The Off means the magnetic force is electrically turn Off where the permanent magnets are pushing against each other by the coil being reversed as to say N pushing against N and S pushing against S making the gauss output Zero or N/S S/N = 0 percent
On means N to S has positive gauss output when the coil is on in a way of N/S N/S = 100 percent
The 2 drawing show the negative 1/2 cycle below on the negative cycle


notice how the magnetic poles are arranged per the coils and permanent magnets to turn on and off the magnetic force when powered


Notice the direction of magnetic flux has change direction from fig. 1 making AC current to the output coil
The input AC cycles are the same as the output AC cycles but once started the output power is much greater than the input power
but to keep the power constant an input system of AC cycles should be the controller input power 
powered by the output power with extra power to run other things as the size of the design allows.
Again the power source is from Permanent magnetic Force converted into kinetic Energy 
that is what the name is about Energy to Torque Conversion Motor (systems)
These systems are not Overunity they use only the power built into the devices - always within the Unity of the total power of the device
Thanks Tom, ps. I hope this help you in your project also. it is somewhat on the same lines of the technology your working on.
from a different time zone.

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