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Jim's Spiral Motors
Ok so I built the gears.  Locking the rotor to the stator magnet, we lose the whole effect.  The whole interesting part is that the rotor's magnets physically move up and down relative to the stator magnet.  Meaning they don't just move horizontally past, they actually move horizontally and vertically. When we lock them together, there is no relative movement between the 2 magnets.

All this work with the spirals is leading me directly to a design like this:

We have the relative up and down spiral movement + it appears it balances the gates.  

This is my design thus far:


We also have this channel which verified his works, but slower.

Well I got all the pieces printed.  Can't take pics now as magnets are being glued.  Bearing stands not shown but also printed.


One thing I can say already-  even though all magnets on the rotor and clam shell stator are the same way to repel, a magnet want's to attract at full strength when we triangulate. 

I will find out tonight if this claim is bunk
I'm really looking forward to this one. Good work as usual man.
Well No Spin....  No need for a video at this point.  


He recommends the stator magnets be 2X as large as the rotor, but on his coke bottle demo seems that is not detrimental as he uses the same size.  The only other thing I am missing is the iron dust filings glued around the stator magnets.

Not sure if I will go that far,  but both his models have those filings.

Edit- actually even on his big model he has the dust.  Look closely at the stator magnets

Good pickup - I've noticed the same, you need something to draw in the rotor before the magnets can take over, but without being overly attractive.

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