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Jim's Spiral Motors
Alternatively, and since I will have a 4 magnet stator soon, I could also try this.  Which may be even better..


Just a single spiral all the same polarity.  And as it's trying to bust through the gate, we have 3 stators all providing rotational force.
Woohoo-  Step forward..  I can bust through a gate!  If I can do it on 1 side, I should be able to do it on the other..  (maybe)

I may just need another magnet on the bottom to repeat that exact same effect on the other 1/2 revolution

Will know soon!

It looks like the magnet bias is pulling the bloch wall up to meet the spiral gate. Nice! Mirrored on the other side and you might have it.
(04-18-2024, 07:38 PM)unimmortal Wrote: It looks like the magnet bias is pulling the bloch wall up to meet the spiral gate. Nice! Mirrored on the other side and you might have it.

Hey Bro,

I already built it with 2 stator magnets, then added 3 and 4.  Spent hours studying it from all angles.  


The spiral is two half spirals in opposite directions, each 1/2 spiral is a different polarity..  So it has to go North to South, then South back to North.  It can easily pass the gate in 1 direction (south to north - Depending which way you have the stator magnets)  but can not pass the gate the other way..

I need to do something similar, using 2 polarities, but the same polarity needs to always be coming in first.  It can't switch..

So I got a new design for the rotor spirals.  It will take all night to print.  The new design will use all attraction on both spirals 100% of the time, still uses both polarities, and the same polarity should always be attracting it into rotation (I hope)..  

I think it should be able to be done with spirals in the right configuration.
I kept thinking of how it could work if it was on gears.  And this should solve it...

The problem we face with Tinman's gear design is the magnets repel on the way in.  The spiral does NOT!  We get movement on the way in and the way out.  

So if we take the same Spiral design but put both the stator magnet and the spiral on gears, it should be a done deal..

Exciting! Very nice!

You are on to something with this for sure.

Thank you for keeping us in the loop, appreciate the inspiration.
Very cool.

Since the spiral spins in front of the stator, I would think this would also.


Nope!  It doesn't...
The last idea of turning the gate into a magnetic balancing element in front of the rotor is really brilliant. I think it needs a very fine adjustment which will not be easy at all.
Ok so I built the gears.  Locking the rotor to the stator magnet, we lose the whole effect.  The whole interesting part is that the rotor's magnets physically move up and down relative to the stator magnet.  Meaning they don't just move horizontally past, they actually move horizontally and vertically. When we lock them together, there is no relative movement between the 2 magnets.

All this work with the spirals is leading me directly to a design like this:

We have the relative up and down spiral movement + it appears it balances the gates.  

This is my design thus far:


We also have this channel which verified his works, but slower.


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