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Q&A Practical build log generator Figuera
Buenos días Lasco: Espero que tengas suerte y funcione tú nueva construcción basada en el esquema general de arranque del motor universal que mostraste en un esquema de la época de Figuera. Yo sigo con mis experiencias, sólo sobre Figuera, tratando de imitarlo y hasta ahora no lo he conseguido en su totalidad, pero continuo y lo seguiré haciendo, creo qué, la solución al funcionamiento, lo tenemos muy cerca y delante de nuestros ojos y no. lo vemos, debido a que vemos las resistencias cómo eso, resistencias, pero, sabemos que trabajan de dos formas, las resistencias son convertidores eléctricos en calor o en magnetismo y sólo estamos usando la variable calórica, yo en este asunto me he equivocado mucho, ahora estoy más por la conversión eléctrica a magnética y usar ese magnetismo para producir amperios a menor tensión. El esquema es totalmente igual al que tú estás haciendo sólo cambia el reostato que es un poco diferente. Sigo con atención tus progresos 
!! Ánimo!!
Use this place for comments, suggestions, and ideas on my build,

 It would be easier to study my build with others if it stays simple - not too overwhelming

thank you Lasco
Hi Lasco,

I would like to ask you a few questions about this post:

I recognize the gaussmeter, got the same one. When you are measuring the the magnetic flux density, are you exciting the coils using DC current? How high magnetic flux density are you aiming for?

What is the other reading on the other instrument? Is it current in A? Or voltage?

Thank you very much for your answers.
Yes it is DC voltage and current in A
I’m aiming for 1.5T 
I will rewinding these coils with different wire gauge 

Can you suggest or assist with wire calculations?
My core is 47 mm diameter and is 128 mm long
Bobbin for wire calculation Is ID 51 mm
And length is 108 mm flanges are OD 84 mm

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
I have contracted an electronic engineer to calculate the correct winding numbers and correct wire size on this required coil

electro Magnetism should be large - I have observed that lots of previous inventions had High electromagnetism or large magnetic fields to achieve harvesting of free electrons
Agree with the 1.5 T, I am aiming for at least 1.2 T. I found it a bit tricky to compute the number of windings because most equations will get you magnetic flux density at the center of the core, but we need it in the air gap.

Glad you found someone to help you with the coil turn number and wire size. My own computations have not been very accurate sadly.
Tomorrow I should get reply and then I will need to purchase new magnet wire
I can try to make some calculation if you give me a bit more details about the core, mainly the relative permeability.
My core is 70x70x 150mm
It is 15000 relative permeability material
Coil bobbin is For winding 75 x 75 mm x150mm
I would like to go to 1.6T if I can core is capable to pull 1.8T to 2T

Apparently I need 20930 turns 59kg of copper with 0.85 mm wire and it should give 1.6T  att 40V and 0.11A 
I somehow can’t get it around my head
Thank you. And the original coil was how many turns of what wire thickness? If I take a quick look at your photos it looks about 60 turns a layer in two layers.

I just want to make a sanity check, if let's say you measured 0.1 T in the center of the air gap between the coils with 120 turns at 20 A, then we will need to increase the turns ten times to get 1 T.

Later today I'll try to make a document on google drive with the computation. If time permits I could make a simulation of the electromagnets in Ansys to confirm the values.

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