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Reality is the ultimate source of energy.
Reality is the ultimate source of energy. It realizes itself in a neverending cycle of creation and destruction. By creating new universes in the lab we can generate a neverending cycle of free energy. Quantum tunnelling is one example of how to create a neverending cycle by renewing available resources of energy. It manifests itself in the form of light. By renewing the mass-energy equivalence / conversion it creates new light to be available for renewal and regeneration. God is a form of this energy. This recombinatorial energy requires recombinatorial mathematics to create. God mathematics is also required. E=hf is simply Reality =hf.

Now, mass has typically been used to create energy. But what if if an entirely new universe can be used with unparalleled proficiency?

P.S. Hydrogen is one of the best ways to create energy.

Any thoughts on this new approach?

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