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Clemente Figuera / Buforn Patents
Attached are patents from Clemente Figuera and his assistant Buforn.

It is quite possible this story of his free energy generators is legitimate.  But to date- there have been no known and accepted replications.

I am also attaching the spanish version of all of his assistant (Buforn) patents.  You can use google translate app to take pictures of it for translation.

And finally, the latest Buforn 1914 patent that has an english translation.

Attached Files
.pdf   patent-clemente-figuera-44267.pdf (Size: 339.13 KB / Downloads: 54)
.pdf   patent-clemente-figuera-30375.pdf (Size: 17.79 KB / Downloads: 33)
.pdf   patent-clemente-figuera-30376.pdf (Size: 58.17 KB / Downloads: 26)
.pdf   patent-clemente-figuera-30377.pdf (Size: 16.99 KB / Downloads: 28)
.pdf   patent-clemente-figuera-30378.pdf (Size: 278.91 KB / Downloads: 30)
.pdf   patentes-buforn (1).pdf (Size: 13.25 MB / Downloads: 62)
.pdf   patent-constantino-buforn-1914_num_57955.pdf (Size: 464.49 KB / Downloads: 72)

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