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ALF Anti-Lenz-Field videos and pdfs
As some of you may already know, I was working on a similar design like Jim shows in his Reverse Lenz Thread. He explains it very well.
In regards to nomenclature, the term "ALF" was chosen for being cute and memorizeable, and suggesting extraterrestial inspiration and potentially a fried cat.

It is all about the Reciprocal field-strength to distance ratio criterium. Yeah, the term doesn't make it easier to understand. But is serves well when thrown at professors and engineers.

Initially I posted a design named "anti-lorentz force generator" on Haven't been there for a long time. The design had bridges embed in the rotor, and magnets on one side and coils on the other. The sideways forces on the rotor were unpractical, so I switched to a design with bridges at the outer circumference of the rotor, and magnets and coils surrounding it radially, and alternating.

I am a crazy person and I quit youtube when they got coronitis, never went back. However I posted a few vids and papers on odysee:

Principle, design suggestion, tipps, results.
Additional info to reduce coughing:

Some clips, including testrun. notice after starting, when I say "now I'm shortening it", it's  bit hard to hear, but I actually connect a diode across the coils. You can jump the video between there and before I release the power button, you'll notice it speeds up under load. Could be something else however. Also notice the crazy startup behavior, doing that speed jump.
(parts of this vid are however old)

This has very bad audio, but goes into some advanced design aspects:

Here I convinced ChatGTP that Lenz was wrong:

There may be some further, less important videos on the subject on my channel, but keep in mind when browsing, we should ignore politics and religion, when cooperating in this field. It's just more important.

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