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Planetary Gear Investigation
This is a log for documentation to see if it will lead anywhere.

I am printing a herringbone planetary gear that is printed in 1 piece (in place) and stays together based on the herringbone gears.  A very simple setup.

It has 3 Planet gears that are the same tooth count as the Sun gear. So the sun gear should rotate at the same interval as the planet gears.


I chose a design that is simple and possible to mount magnets to for testing without much modification.


It might take me a few prints to get the right extrusion settings so it spins.  Don't know because I never printed one before.  I want to investigate the geometry and possibility of mounting 4 magnets.  The "Sun Magnet" will try to attract and align with a planet magnet, but the planets will rotate in sync.  The aim is to see if a situation can be created where the center magnet is ALWAYS trying to align with a planet but never can.  To create a Cat and Mouse system where the center magnet rotates trying to constantly align.

Probably won't work, BUT I will publish my failure anyway.  Stay tuned
Just found this animation-  Much more complicated than I envisioned.  LOL  But cool to look at

Another though-  What is we take Tinman's project of the 2 geared rotors, but one rotor had a planetary gear that rotated the magnets.  We could maybe  flip the one magnet as it attracts to TDC to repel out.

Totally interesting
The first gear completed late last night.  It was almost OK, but too much "slop".  The gears will not work for testing because the gears can shift within the slop.

I am attempting a new gear design.  First I need to find the right gear that rotates rather smoothly and all stays aligned.
When looking closely at this idea, it "SEEMS"  this setup could also create a system where Rotating Magnets on a Rotor While the Rotor is in rotation (Rotation within Rotation) could potentially reverse magnetic interactions when inducing a coil.

It could potentially create a system where the magnetic field is SHRINKING while the Magnet is approaching, and GROW the magnetic field on exit.

This would be much better than dealing with cogging metal as my other post regarding Reversing Lenz speaks about.

This will not be a difficult build either.  I will have to design this myself though.
Starting Investigation:

Video #2..

Is the Magnetic Field GROWING on Exit with this?

Video #3.  Magnets installed with 2 planet gears working.  Now we can see some magnetic action.  Nothing great yet.

3rd Gear Added..

Now we are getting a full rotating magnetic field in the center, and the domains are starting to align and balance.

So another thought in line with this that needs to be built..  This one is hard to picture without a model in front of you.

A planetary gear that spins magnets on the planet gears, BUT the planets rotate the opposite direction from the main carrier..  So as the magnet is coming into alignment with the induction coil, it is aligning from the opposite direction as the carrier's motion.

Thus the coil's opposition to the the planetary gear / magnet motion is helpful to the carriers rotation.  

To make this-  one would need idler gears between the sun and planetary gear
So it is too intriguing not to build...

It's hard to grasp, and maybe it won't work like I think..  BUT.....  Try to picture it..

The main carrier rotates Clockwise..  For every 1 Rotation of the Carrier, the Planets rotate 2X Counter-Clockwise..  

Since the planetary gears rotating in the opposite direction to the carrier and at twice the speed. This arrangement "Should" ensure that the magnets on the planetary gears appear to rotate normally with respect to the carrier but with all actions reversed, enabling the Lenz drag to assist the carrier's rotation.

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