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New Magnetic Properties
Introducing new Magnetic Properties
          The information we will now cover needs to be referred to in real terms, that is in reference to reality not theory. The first step is to establish that mathematical concept and mathematical actuality, will in many cases provide two entirely different solutions to the same equation.
          This presents us with the problem of having two different solutions to an identical mathematical equation. If both solutions can be proved to be true then we need to add more parameters and define the method in which we derived these solutions.
1+1=2                       1+1=1
Figure 1.
          Both of the equations in Figure 1. lack the necessary definition required to conclude the correct solution since either one may be correct within its own terms of reference.
          In the equation 1+1=2 we are using the mathematical concept of procession, i.e. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 etc. It is this assumption of procession that leads us to conclude the solution of two.
          Whilst a system of procession is a good basis for understanding it is not the only possibility since 1+1=1 is a mathematical actuality. We need to examine how both equations apply to a real event in order to widen their parameters so they can be used as a base for better understanding.
page 1
          In the widely taught equation of 1+1=2 we also use the concept of association as an extra parameter for determining a solution in a real event.

          For a mathematical equation to be of any practical use it must be linked to association of a real event. An example of how we use the concept of association would be one object plus one object equals two objects.

           We can define our equation even further by being more accurate about our objects. If our objects were magnets we would have:
[N S] + [N S] = [N S] [N S]
Figure 2.
          In Figure 2. by using the concept of procession and defined association we now have an equation that is measurable in real terms.

           Also in the above case we have a situation where mathematical concept is in agreement with actuality. This means the actual solution is the same as the concept solution. We have already stated that the concept of procession does not always work in a real event which brings us back to 1+1=2.

           To further advance the parameters of this equation we need to place it into a real event situation and observe the outcome. The selection of magnets in figure 2. to further define our objects were not a random choice since a magnet is surrounded by an easily measurable field. It is these fields we will be observing in our next real event.
Page 2
In figure 3. below we can observe and measure the outcome of combining two fields being of two permanent magnets which are placed together. Where as in figure 4. we can observe and measure an entirely different outcome using the same magnets but combining then in a different method.
[NS] [NS]
Figure 3
[NS] [SN]    or    [SN] [NS]
Figure 4

           In figure 3. the method used to combine the fields produces the outcome of having a single combined field, where as the method used in figure 4. produces the outcome of two separate fields even though they are in physical contact with each other.

           It could be said that figure 3 represents the equation 1+1=1 whilst figure 4 represents the equation 1+1=2.
The practical application of New Concepts
In this Magnetic Field Science we discuss the Energy of Magnets and their associated Fields and some new theories where energy can originate, along with new design concepts for electro-magnetic manifestations.
Explaining the Magnetic Field Science of this new methodology mathematically, we have reproduced above, ‘the first 3 pages of a book written in 1996 on this Field Science called “Q Mechanics” by TJ Skrinjar. So named as being a reference to ‘Q’ from the original Star Trek series where ‘Q’ was God in human body form. This book explains ‘God Science’. The symbology on the cover of Q Mechanics represents the ‘Off World’ language of “Heskin” which is a 3D pictorial Information transfer system that has ‘inspired’ other 2D pictogram languages in earths past. A literal translation of the pictograms on the cover would be, ‘all that is inside and typed in English’ as a picture is worth a 1000 words. It takes a book to translate what these symbols say.
Page 1 is about ADDING of Magnetic Fields together.
1+1 =1 refers to when two magnets are joined or added together in the usual way, the resultant Field properties do not change. No increase in Gauss or strength as one way to understand it.
Page 2 adds further to this understanding.
Page 3 shows 'another' way to COMBINE magnetic Fields or the placing of two same poles together. This principle is used with the Magnets in the In-Line Magnetic JoeCell or the Aqua Chi/BEFE Water Module. This 7 ringed water module is one of the few magnetic Field generating devices available that exhibits this same Pole together concept and introduces a Neutral Plate between the same Fields for utilizing the New Field effect. The Aqua Chi is a remarkable healing tool and very practical device for learning how magnetic water affects the very fabric of matter. Joe explains and shows the real effects to the Field change here…
This combining rather than adding Fields together, changes the “Magnetic Field" giving a New Field completely 'different' to the usual one when just 2 magnets are joined in the usual way resulting in no change to the Field. Here when we combine two Fields together, we see it as 1+1=2, which reflects a different result than the usual adding two magnets together.

In the Magnetic In-Line Cell as built by Joe, Joe combines 2 ring magnet’s Fields together by placing the SAME poles together also with a Neutral Plate between. This expands to another possibility that 2 distinct new Field Properties, the joining of 2 North‘s or 2 South’s together can be utilized independently and never before patented as a New Methodology, that give two distinct or opposite ‘effects’ when these 2 same pole Fields are applied to Fluids flowing within the centre of the ring magnets. There are many new effects that these “mono Pole” Fields can have on a wide range of industrial and home applications.

On a side note, one guy from Melbourne actually glued 2 same poles together trying to reverse engineer Joe's Cell. He even posted them to Joe and asked "is this correct"? We wondered how he managed to do it and what would be the resultant damage if it became unglued.
The Addition of a Neutral Plate like an iron washer between the same poles with the right ratio and dimensions, sees them attract together quite easily and display a significant or up to 4 fold increase of Gauss if you want to measure it. This constitutes a MONO POLE DESIGN and is the IP of Joe as a Design Copy Write for Magnetic Field focusing, placement and transference of a new never seen before Magnetic Field effect or outcome when combining Fields.

The New Concept of a Magnetic Field Pattern.
Contrary to the definitions of Magnetic Fields as expressed on the internet here    "Field lines is an alternative way to represent the information contained within a magnetic vector field. Magnetic field lines are imaginary lines." We do not agree as they are real “Waves” of ‘energy’ that effect matter as they PASS through it, giving us ‘electricity’ by vibrating the Atomic Crystalline Structure of the conductor. “Information contained” literally translates to ‘we don’t know why these exist but they do something so it’s ‘talking to’ other objects. Joe refers to these Fields “talking to each other”, when Fields interact.
A Vibrating Field, like a tuning fork has a 2 Way Movement resulting in a 2 Way Flow of Energy in ALL matter as all matter vibrates. This gives rise to the Infinity Loop of Magnetic Energy generating a Field in any ‘lump’ of matter as all matter is magnetic crystals.
These Field Lines, represented by iron filings, should be thought of as the Wave Troughs where Compression forces coagulate (the iron filings) with the implosive forces, as per their North Pole ‘Field Effect’. The opposite of these North Pole Field Lines are the gaps between the iron filing lines where South Pole ‘expansion’ or explosive Positive forces constitute the Wave form. Calling it a ‘vector field’, implies a 3D format without having to explain the Magnetic Fields or Waves around a magnet or what the lines actually represent. It is these waves of “imaginary lines” of alternating expansion and compression as Forces that act upon the Iron core to vibrate the irons crystalline structure and these Field vibrations are ‘collected’ as electricity by coiling insulated copper wire around the iron core. As with everything, each ‘end’ of the wire is opposite Polarity.
These Waves of Force can then thus be made Mono pole by combing same poles together to exhibit compression or implosion forces that can be FOCUSED when used in a water pipe scenario for example. We can simulate either implosion or expansion forces upon the water. North Pole implosion energy ‘cleans’ water and South Pole energy ‘dirties’ water. Implosion forces condense air to make rain, cleaning the ‘Wind’ into pure rain water.
These Vortex like Waves from the Poles, can be Focused to a POINT inside a pipe, within the Field (Neutral Centre or Equilibrium) or they can be dispersed along the pipe giving us 2 more Field Effects besides just the reversal of the same Poles together. These many other effects depends upon the material used to construct the pipe used in an In Line Magnetic Cell.
This is but a small part of Joe's IP of Neutral Plates, Neutral Centre, Same Pole and associated Field Generation Principles to create New Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Water. Joe began this several years before Q Mechanics was written. Joe has re-introduced Magnetic Field Science as Unified Field Principles with many different designs and applications. This Same Pole IP is as ‘alien’ to modern Physics as it gets. We can utilize these methodologies in water Cells, coils as well as magnets and electricity generation by how they are combined, powered and wound. In actual effect, a practical Unified Mono Field can be made to repel from or attract to, the earths Field.
In this demo,
The IP of a Neutral Plate (like the non electrified tubes in a Joe TubeCell) is placed between the two same poles on a pair ferrite ring magnets. This 3 component, dimension critical, 'array' of magnets, is then slid over a water pipe and in the video above there are 2 of these arrays in the JoeCell.
The Plates in a car battery can ‘act’ like Neutral Plates and there is ‘same Pole’ technology available within car battery designs to give this Mono Pole technology in an ‘electrical’ application rather than a dynamic fluid In Line Magnetic Cell application.
In the video above they are NN poles together. Joining SS poles together, the water, instead of being ‘restructured’ into ‘fresh’, would turn into oil which is ‘rusty’ water from the ‘oxidation’ forces of South Pole energy. We see this as the ‘rusty brown’ water in an Aqua Chi footbath device where we also see a layer of oily scum around the bathtub of water being ‘made’ from the water by the South Pole Copper Neutral plate between the same Field plates above and below the centre plate.
This “same Pole Field” technology can be applied to how a coil is connected to a battery source and the way the coil and or the Infinity Loop is wound.  Same Pole or Mono Poles and Neutral Plates are evident in all JoeCell designs and is the main reason as to their inability to be reversed engineered. The technology inherent in these Cells is not in the vocabulary of Particle Physicists.
Flowing water creates the highest magnetic Field known naturally. The addition of these mono Pole Magnet assemblies interacting with a water pipe constitutes the combining of another Magnetic Field of flowing water to interact with the Same Pole Fields of the ring magnets from a Neutral Plate. Joe amplifies this Field by giving the water entering the Cell a left hand twist with four blades within the Cell. The Combining of Fields, rather than adding of Fields together, effects or changes the resulting Field Patterns in the water or liquid. Like the Crystalline Field Patten changes in Emoto’s crystals. This doesn’t happen when just adding more magnets around a water pipe. What happens is the magnetic properties of water are Charged Up with a new pattern based upon a single Pole effect of cleaning or dirtying. North Pole implosion energy ‘cleans’ water and South Pole expansion energy ‘dirties’ water.
In the above video of sea water into fresh, it does not matter the kind of "water" or liquid flowing through the Magnetic Focal Point or Field. While sea water was used in the above video, this same Magnetic In Line Cell was used on acid mine waste, raw sewerage and even runny concrete and the result was the same. Potable or drinkable water from whatever liquid was pumped through it.
The Magnetics of Same Pole Technology acts on all Tetrahedron crystals, equally. When the waters impurities or dissolved solids, as an elemental ‘signature’ of vibration changes, the Magnetic Resonant Field Patten changes and we see ‘new’ elements or pure water. Some liken this to Fractal geometry of matter without understanding the mechanism to make change. A snow flake is a Magnetic Resonant Field Pattern for that parcel of water vapor that has frozen along the geometry or Field Lines we call impurities within the frozen water vapor pattern. MRF patterns rather than the marble count as the new olde indivisible Atom of Democritus.
Metallurgy of the pipe has an effect on the Field Focus parameters. For example, mild or magnetic iron pipe has a different restructuring effect on the water than a nonmagnetic 316 seamless stainless steel pipe. Of the many 100's of people this has been demonstrated for, it ranks as the most sought after invention that Joe has. Many tried to replicate this and most failed due to not using Ferrite and opted for Neo’s or failed due to the dimensions of the Neutral Plate and other focusing IP.
The Caduceus Coil.
“First, this apparatus has zero impedance - unlike an ordinary coil. When fed electrical energy the wire in the Tensor coil does not get hot.”
This ‘coil’ wind exhibits a shift to the Cooler North Pole Field with less heat being generated by this design. Using Infinity Loop designs will give us other Field Effects. How a coil is wound clearly has a bearing on the size and shape and strength and even Polarity of the Field around the coil.
When splitting a wire into two wires in a ‘Y’ fashion, the electrical vibrations see 2 ways to continue and take both. There will be a difference in the vibrational Field effects between the two wires as they are not ‘equal’. They become 2 separate ‘Fields’ or Phases. Using this connection of a JoeCell sees two Plates with difference ‘frequencies’ and the Field is no longer Unified. This creates conflicting Fields when one is aspiring to a Unified Field. Without unity, there can be no ‘singular’ kind of water as the outcome or output from the device.
In the ConeCell by Joe, where there can be 7,8 or 9 stainless steel milk separating cones. Generally 3 of them are activated. So a wire travels down to the first cone and then on to the next cone when 2 are being electrified with the same pole from a battery. Some people (like me) had 2 wires going to the 2 cones. This ‘sees’ that the 2 cones have ‘different’ vibrations rather than sharing the same source vibration. Sometimes we want 1+1  = 1.
The Silver Generator has 4 rods to ‘electrify’ and there is a difference between wiring it the 2 different ways. These two ‘devices’ (Silver Generator and the ConeCell) create a Magnetic Field using water as the Field ‘Coil’, so to speak. Which means if there is a different effect for each wiring diagram, it means two distinct Magnetic Fields. I did same for the Silver Generator and wired it up the first time in a Y pattern probably just so I would learn the difference in ‘taste’. This was a common mistake for most JoeCell experimenters.
There is even a different Field generated in a JoeCell, if the Positive is connected first to the Cell rather than correctly attaching the Negative to the Cell first and taking the Negative off last.
A ‘battery’ or source of ‘electricity’ comprises 2 different frequencies in close proximity in a shared medium. The infinity circuit may become a ‘battery’ if its split into 2 phases by a Y junction and used for that purpose. Some manufacturers have slipped up and made Wall Wart chargers that have continuous output of up to 10 milli Amps. A Static Trickle Charger from coils. Tesla preferred iron electrical wire rather than copper which again opens up coil designs to another level. We only think copper is better.
In the Gold Generator with 5 rods to create a Magnetic Field in and of the water, we see the 4 outside rods are joined by a ‘twisted’ Loop, so each rod has two connections to the wire that comes from a single Pole or the Negative terminal of the power source. This means each rod vibrates from ‘two’ sources’ as the Y split is just a Loop joining back to itself, giving us 4 different frequencies each rod is subjected to. As each rod is a different ‘mass’ this additional Field Effect makes each of the 4 Rods Vibrate ‘out of tune’ to each other but yet with the Base Frequency of Gold. This means each rod TALKS or conducts, which is transmitting and receiving vibrations from every other rod including the Centre Positive. This creation of an infinity of electrical pathways for vibrations through the water, is the ‘mechanism’ for Magnetic Water. All JoeCells have nothing to do with 2 wire ‘electrolysis’. With multi wires there is electrification or magnet-ification of the water by using the water as like the iron Core in a Coil.
Water is ‘Charged Up’ magnetically and permanently as in it changes its magnetic Memory which can only be done if water is a magnetic fluid in the first place. If we soak the container the Cell is placed in before using it, with say, engine oil, this frequency will constitute the Global Frequency for the Field to emulate, negating the Mind over matter aspect of this Field Science I mention often. Allowing anyone to do it using the scientific Principles of Combining Magnetic Fields for budding Alchemists.

more to come

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Oh wow. Thanks for all the info. I've had my thinking on magnetism and associated forces changed rather drastically recently that it has my head spinning with ideas trying to comprehend a fraction of what I think is now possible. I'm more partial to his antigravity setups in making setups feel lighter or heavier as apposed to his changing of water. I'm starting to think that Daniel McFarland Cook and his flying machine that I'm interested in may have something to do with Joe's magnet arrangments and discoveries. I'm not sure I will be able to comprehend what you have written in time but I will certainly try and no doubt others will as well.

Sounds like people have replicated the Joe Cell. However I don't recall anyone duplicating his antigravity setups that make something feel lighter or heavier. Is that related to his water cell as well or is that a completely different phenomenon.
anti-gravity and levitation.
This subject comes under New Magnetic Properties, which are just 'hidden' or esoteric properties redefined. They are 'hidden' as it takes a special kind of Vision to See the Waves of Fields of energy that surround Matter. They burned people at the stake with this kind of 'vision' for the Fields dramatically change around the Bio Field when one is bearing False Witness. We measure this Field Charge change with a Lie Detector. Today we have Miss information Laws instead of the stakes.

We have to redefine magnetic properties because everything that you need to know about anti-gravity is in the simple 'electrolysis' experiment. From the caustic water, to differing metal electrodes to the Battery and the polarity bias of the gases produced. Everyone of these 'parameters' of the electrolysis experiment is taken for granted without further study. Why? Why are you told you can think for yourself and then told to not question this scientific principle of the water molecule? This question must remain rhetorical, as only you can awaken yourself up. The Force of electrons is Strong in many. The Dogma of science is strong in many. The Cult beliefs, once installed as a child, the adult will die for. This is your Human Nature. This is the reason for Public Education which is more indoctrination. And here we are today.

Instead of literally brainwashing the world that water is H2O as the only way you are taught to understand the atomic structure with this experiment and instead see the experiment as a way to discover the ONLY TWO forces in existence that Walter Russell called Expansion and Compression. They also can be called Positive and Negative Forces that manifest from North and South Pole forces of Push and Pull also known as attraction and repulsion.

This perversion of human consciousness and understanding has given rise to all kinds of theories about 'anti gravity'.
The world is under the most intense psyops of mass deception in the history of mankind. Look who controls the publishing houses and the printing presses for all academic books. When you see this mass deception has a purpose, then you will also see new ways of looking at old experiments and Tesla's ideas of Wireless transmission of electricity. Its called the awakening or the Apocalypse. Better get used to it, you are living in it.

The Earth is a spinning Field. It has Polarity and it has "Charge" from its vibrations, which is inherent in its structure just like Ice, Water, Air or Fire Light Crystals have inherent Properties. The Earth is Negative 'inside'. The GAS made with electrolysis is Pushed away by the Same Polarity as the Earth. Magnetics was purposely omitted from any explanation about the 'atom'. Its 'bonds' remember.

Metals have a Magnetic Bias. Copper is used as a sacrificial Anode because it 'has' a South Pole Bias. You cant make anti gravity activating coppers Field Strength or 'properties' or 'polarity'. Tesla preferred to use IRON WIRE in his inventions. The Baghdad Battery was iron and copper based electrical production. Aluminium is used for the transmission of overland power lines for a 'reason'. Joe prefers Aluminium engine blocks to modify for a 'reason'. His Aluminium wheel-less skateboard worked better over water than land. I have postulated the use of Silver Threads in a carpet as a coil, and powered with a battery with "2 North Poles" if one understands the Polarities of the Plates in a battery. Take a new look at what constitutes Magnetic and Para-magnetic.

The Levitation of the JoeCell powered vehicles, (only 2 of the 5 cars displayed this Levitation) Joe said was the interaction of the "Field" around the Car from the Cell and its interaction with the (Tesla) Coil for the Ignition. The other Properties of the Field Interaction, was the lessening of Inertia. Inertia is the Resistance to change of spinning objects. A spinning object is spinning a Magnetic Field as everything is magnetic. This NEW Spinning Field, 'exists' within the Aether Energy Grid we call 'heaven'. It is this energy matrix grid if you will, that is likened to a Sea of Energy, (so it also has these Magnetic Properties) that resists the new Spinning Field from deviating or moving WITHIN the Grid Field. To give a car or spinning Top (disc shaped) a New Field by the addition of the JoeCell, will see it 'behave' differently within this Matrix Grid or Sea of Energy. Rocket science is based upon firecrackers not Energy Fields. NASA likes to keep it that way.

"I'm not sure I will be able to comprehend what you have written "
It is presented in such a fashion, to make you think for yourselves and derive new conclusions and devise new experiments. That way you prove to yourself these principles of Magnetics rather than being force fed like in the electrolysis experiment. The 'discovery' will be your own. There is little to discover when working with false premises like 'electrons' and gravity and current flowing in a wire as this site and many other electron research sites fail in their quests for over unity that debunk esoteric phenomena. You would no doubt agree Chet?
Thank you for the response MerLynn. I have read this thread and will do so again. Lots of good info in there and it's greately appreciated.
The following hasnt been final edited for the Book. but here it is in draft form

Natural Path of Lightning
We see Lightning as an ‘electrical discharge’ from the cloud to the ground. We can even see the discharge as 'space' Lightning. Video evidence shows that there is a 2-Way discharge from the ground to the sky. Few understand this 2 way Flow of the dynamic energy transfer with lightning as opposite charges interact.

A ‘spark’ of lightning occurs between a higher potential and a lower potential. What is ‘missing’ is the energy transference between the Earth and the Weather Cell in the sky before the appearance of Lightning. In a ‘weak’ weather Cell, the discharge of ‘electricity’ may not be seen as a spark or Lightning. As a spark is pure vibrational energy and the atmosphere is a conductor of vibrations, electrical spark vibrations are conducting between the ground and the Cell even if we cant see the ‘energy’ as a spark, just like we cant see the ‘vibrational energy’ from a radio transmitter to the receiving antenna.

Without the activation of a North Pole Field ‘spark’ (energy transference) from the Earth to the weather Cell, there is no ‘implosion forces’ to initiate ‘rain’ or implosion of the Atmosphere or Wind within a weather Cell. This Frequency ‘Charge Up’ change also occurs when the Wind is sucked UP over a mountain range. The opposite effect is on the other side of the mountain where the clouds simply evaporate as they descend as the change of frequency from North Pole to South Pole occurs as a change of Format. This is the ‘electro-magnetics’ of the Element Wind. These ‘kinds’ of Lighting are the electro magnetics of Element Fire where all ‘energy’ is Formatted. Ground to sky Lightning is North Pole, the same as sky to space lightning. Sky to earth Lightning is generally South Pole Forces. Sunlight from the sun is Space Lightning or North Pole Energies that benefit Life. South Pole energies like a magnet’s South Pole on a box of worms, destroys Life and degrades Matter that is South Pole oriented as rust or very slowly in “anti UV resistant” materials.

The earth is sending a 'spark' to the clouds that are forming a Cell by Rotating Forces. This spark or discharge changes the frequency of the Cell even if the energy transfer is unseen. Once a ‘sky’ Cell forms it becomes reactionary to the Earth’s Field energies. A spark moves the Cell up to the ‘next’ level or ‘stage’ in the Formatting of the energy Field ‘about’ the Cell. The Earth “Charges Up” the Weather Cell formed by Space Spheres and their associated Magnetic Fields interact with the Earth’s Magnet Field creating Cells or Eddy Currents within the atmosphere or the Winds. If the Vortex forces of the eddy currents of the weather Cell, are ‘great enough’ we may visually see the 2 way flow of energy.

Condensation takes place at a ratio of 1400 to 1 of vapor to liquid. The 'atomic structure' of the Wind as it rushes to or is actually ‘sucked’ into the Cell by the imploding or condensing Wind transforming back into water. This is literally ‘transmutation’ as the entirety of the Wind, (85% Nitrogen) is imploded into a near pure liquid as rain or as ‘snow’ if the conditions are right. The Tetrahedron Crystals have a new Vibrational frequency from the Vibrational interaction of seen or unseen Lightning from the ground to the sky.

‘Snow’ is Wind that ‘freezes’ along its Magnetic Resonant Field Patterns. The ‘dirty’ Wind is 'cleansed' by the implosion (or condensation) forces of a Cell being ‘Charged Up’ with Lightning. Clean and ‘dirty’ wind freezing is similar to Emotos Water Crystals freezing portraying its Field Properties or impurities. This is the Atmospheric Mechanism as to why volcanoes haven't permanently sooted up the skies with toxic gasses and man-made CO2.

A Weather Cell is a perfectly balanced Atmospheric Mechanism of dynamic vibrational energy using the North Pole “Clean” implosive Forces to balance the South Pole evaporative “Dirty” Forces. Humidity is a ‘scale’ of Magnetic Bias between these 2 forces. High and Low Pressure weather Cells represent the Magnetic Bias of the Implosive and Expansive Forces of Magnetic Fields.

The North Pole energy "electrical spark" or unseen as Inductance, from the Earth to the sky, is a North Pole Field effect on a water Vapor weather Cell like the Implosion of a Negative Cell ‘gas’ explained here.

In this Demo the Negative is connected to the Bottom of the Cell First and then Positive to the Top of the Cell to copy the Implosion sequence of Mother Nature. The reverse connection simulates the Wind coming down the other side of the mountain as dry ‘expansion’ forces. In nature, ‘electricity’ exhibits the 4 Phases of Electro-Magnetism. As the atomic structure of the smallest indivisible ‘particle’ or ‘atom’ is a Tetrahedron Crystal of Light which is magnetic in nature, any movement or ‘flow’ by Vortices from Eddy currents, generates an electrical ‘potential’. Wind movement generates ‘electricity’ from Rotating Field actions and flowing water generates the highest Magnetic Field known. The Earths Lines of Force, like the iron filings lines around a magnet passing through the iron core coiled in copper wires, creates eddy currents in the atmosphere’s Winds, just like the other Planets Lines of Forces interact with earths atmosphere.

It is an electrical universe where electricity is understood as a Field or 2 Forces rather than a particle.
This is why the Negative lead is attached to any JoeCell FIRST, including the human body-Cell or an electrical apparatus with a Coil. It is then in 'Balance and harmony' with the Field. Equilibrium can begin and a Unified Field created.

A Weather Cell, because of its Rotational speed becomes an "Electrically Charged Entity" or a defined Field that can interact with the Earths’ Field "Vibrationally." A battery effect, is two 'entities' or masses of energy interacting in close proximity. A spark will occur if there is a conductive medium between the two. Air, water, earth or wires are all conduits of magnetic vibrations, as everything is a construct of magnetic Tetrahedron Light crystals.

There is a huge Negative discharge and it is ‘huge’ even if unseen as Vibrations travel between the two Cells, the Earth Cell and weather Cell. The build-up in potential to the visible Lightning strike transfer, triggers the Implosion and more rain. This is how rain 'happens'. An ‘electrical’ discharge implodes a Weather Cell. The Cells that produce clouds and thus rain form as eddy currents in the Earths Winds, interacting with the (iron filing) wave forms from the heavenly spheres and planets creating the eddy currents or weather patterns we see as a synoptic chart.

If we could sprinkle iron fillings around the earth to see the wave form Fields the ‘Lines’ are Cloud forming Compression or North Pole Implosion Zones. The gaps between the Lines are Expansion or South Pole regions of the Wave Form. These wave forms are passing through the layers of water vapors we call the atmosphere or the Wind that surround the planet. This 'disturbance' then allows for the subtle Fields from the Sun, moon and larger planets, to also create vortices of compression and expansion we call Weather Cells.
the next chapter as a draft version

The Two Way Flow of Electricity

Using the example of a Lead Acid car battery, we see that six Cells constitute a 12V car battery. In each Cell there are a number of ‘plates’ insulated from each other and immersed in a combined solution of water and ‘acid’. If we drain the water out there is no electricity so the ‘electricity’ is ‘held’ within the ‘water’. Let’s say there are 4 plates of Lead in each of the 6 Cells of our representative battery. Everything has a Magnetic Polarity. We dowse the North Pole end of each tube to magnetically align all tubes in a JoeCell in order for it to ‘work’ as a Unified Field Generator. If not ‘unified’ we have chaos.
So each of the 4 ‘plates’ has 2 sides where the side of each plate is either a North Pole face or a South Pole face. So the 2 OUTSIDE plates of the 4 plate assembly are either Positive or Negative polarity.
The plates can be represented figuratively as I,I,I,I  They can also be represented as NS,NS,NS,NS surrounded by watery acid. We connect a ‘Post’ to the outside North at one end of the 4 plate assembly and the other end becomes the South Pole plate. We can represent this figuratively as (N)S, NS,NS, N(S) where the Poles or posts of the battery (in brackets), represent the terminal end post of a single Cell battery. These ‘posts’ in each Cell are connected in Series to give is 12 Volts. 
The placement of the Battery Post on the Top of the plate or more precisely, at the top of the “Field” that the Plate exhibits, has different vibrations than say, a connection to either side of the Plate.
Where one ‘taps’ into the Field (or connects the Post to the Plate) effects the vibrations and the ‘strength’ and ‘singularity’ of the Polarity of the output vibrations we call ‘battery current’.
This battery Post can also be connected to the INSIDE of the outside plate and represented figuratively as (N)S, NS,NS, (N)S. This we refer to as Negative Negative Polarity or Phase (--)
The opposite is N(S), NS, NS, N(S) and is referred to as Positive Positive (++)
Outside to Outside is (N)S, NS, NS, N(S) and this is what we ‘think we have’ when we look at a battery, when what we actually have is a mixture of both Poles from the End Plate with a dominant polarity of the respective end. Like Positive Negative (+-) or Negative Positive (-+)
This is seen in the Magnetics of the human reproductive system where the attraction of a Negative Negative charge on the sperm being ejected along a Negative Positive urethra into a Positive Negative uterus looking for a Positive Positive egg that guarantees reproduction. IVF clinics exist because of this lack of Field Integrity. The was invented in 1997 to strengthen the Magnetic Bio Field Integrity and thus the immune system in general to negate all other forms of ‘chemical’ so called ‘enhancement’.
The Right hand Palm is Positive Positive with the back of the right hand Positive Negative. Being reversed for the Left hand. The 4 phases of Electro Magnetism is evident throughout Nature. Everything about the Earth is Formatted.
We get these other phases out of magnets by joining same Poles together. The wire or Test light bulb/coil ‘shorting out’ the battery terminals in a controlled electronic short circuit will behave differently with Polarity Bias DC electricity. Technically, an off the shelf car battery, both battery terminals are a combination of North and South polarities, with enough difference in vibrations from being at either ‘end’ of the Cell, to give the ‘battery effect’ of Direct Current.
Now we know that 4 distinct effects can be made in a Field Coil or Field Generator Water Cell. In one modified battery, where it was (N)N with the Posts being moved from the Tops of the Plates to their respective North Pole sides of the two End Plates, we see different results for the Vibrations activating a wire that is split or forming a Y junction into 2 wires and the effects this has on brake light bulbs (coils) attached to the 2 wires independently.
This modified battery was still ‘strong’ 5 years later and it was ‘dead’ before being resurrected and modified. There is a way to increase the potential North Pole Field by using a ‘flat’ battery as only the Positive side of the battery is actually ‘flat’ and the Negative side has gone ‘way up’ says Joe and this is a way to tap into this Way Up North Pole Field.
Now that we can experiment with Battery Direct Current and the Phases of Magnetic Current in a Field Propagation device, or a Field Generator we can begin to understand what this 2 Way Flow in an electrical wire represents.
The Atomic structure of the wire is made of Tetrahedron crystals that act like ‘tuning forks’ next to each other and that ‘electricity’ or Magnetic Current is these Crystals all vibrating ‘as a wave form’ for each frequency of current that is applied to the wire. Think of multiple signals or ‘frequencies’ in a Fiber Optic cable where the cable is able to ‘transmit’ multiples frequencies without interference to each other at the receiving end. The transmitted signals can be a DC pulse, a Radio frequency or DC current or any variation of Vibrations that is a unique vibrational signal as it’s all ‘energy’ from vibrational frequency.
To visualize it in the minds eye, think of these tuning forks in the wire as ‘dominoes’. The DC or ‘signal’ is applied to the wire and all the dominoes lean or are ‘pushed by ‘expansion’, in the direction away from the source. Then they immediately vibrate back the other way for the oscillation of the tuning fork. This domino is like a singular prong on a fork or as a Tetrahedron crystal. At the speed of Light (theoretically) they all go one direction and then the other and continue this until the DC or power is turned off. They ‘sway’ back and forth like a crowd waving its hands in the air while singing in the audience. The crowd is multi tasked and can display many ‘wayings’ back and forth for the many signal frequencies as is being transmitted. This is a graphic visualization of the 2 Way Flow of ‘electricity’. The ‘Force’ is always stronger at the beginning of the wire where the signal originates and we see this as the Signal ‘flowing’ or moving in one direction only.
There are Vibrations from both terminal posts on the battery. For this visualization we will draw the Battery with 2 posts like this [+…..-] and a circuit is formed with a ‘coil’ or bulb connected to each terminal of the battery like in a Test Light.
In this ‘circuit’ where this battery [+…..-] runs an electrical motor or brake light bulb (coil), we visualize that the wire coming from the +pos terminal, will INITIALLY ‘push’ all the Tetrahedrons or dominoes to the Left. Similarly, from the –neg, all the Tetrahedrons or dominoes will be initially pushed to the Right. These vibrations, regardless of which terminal post of the battery they originate from ‘flow’ to the other terminal post. These ‘Opposite’ sides of the ‘wave’ or the dominoes meet at the Light bulb and literally run head on into each other and cause ‘resistance’ which may manifest as ‘heat’. But the oscillations will go through the bulb filament and back into the battery and we see the Light.
In an AC motor, to connect the wires without a capacitor, the motor ‘stalls’. The 2 Way flow ‘fights’ each other and no ‘twist’ or rotation occurs. To overcome this, we add a capacitor to slow down one side of the ‘flow’ (as the capacitor charges up) to allow the current or vibrations to ‘pass’ each other to start the rotation. The capacitor DULLS the vibrations from one side of the 2 way flow, allowing the other side to dominate the Coil for spin to begin. The 2 way flow is the tuning fork Tetrahedrons all acting in unison from each input signal.
The signal can be Light in fibre optics or Direct Current vibrations from batteries in a wire, or Radio waves upon the air crystals of the atmosphere. I believe the Military Labs uses this ‘back’ pulse for communications that cant be monitored with conventional ‘receivers’.
In the TubeCell by Joe, where there is 5 concentric ‘Tubes’ forming a Vessel to fill with water, there are 4 Terminal placement ‘nodes’ for connecting Battery DC. These placement points correspond to the Phases that can be obtained from a battery where different Tap Off Points on the Plates of the Battery give these Phases.
Visualize 5 ‘brackets’ representing a portion of each tube like this…   ((((( …Where the outside tube is say Pos and the inner tube is Neg. In order for the Vibrations to travel to the other tube when the leads are connected to these two inner and outer tubes, the vibrations must travel through the water and thus through each (neutral plate) tube, to get to the other end tube that’s opposite polarity for the Current to ‘flow’. As these vibrations or Current travel through each tube, it ‘electrifies’ each tube and these Neutral tubes makes bubbles that are neither hydrogen nor oxygen, but simply ‘Charged Up’ water vapors as they are made from a ‘vibrationally activated’ plate or tube rather than a mono pole wire in electrolysis.
Each side of the tube has a defined Polarity like the plates in a battery. This Mechanism of electrifying (or magnetizing) a Plate without an electrical connection is the IP of Joe called Neutral Plate Technology. The use of water as the means of carrying the Vibrations to the Steel Plates, has a ‘magnetizing’ effect on the Water; the same as the water in the battery where the vibrations are ‘stored’. The TubeCell may become a (cold fusion) battery and the water may become ‘magnetic’ if all ‘Polarities’ of components in the construction are aligned. It works ‘best’ with mountain stream water but plain potable tap water is also most suitable with a car battery for Vibrational Current.
With the centre tube as Negative, we see the water within this inner tube is not being ‘electrified’ and it remains ‘neutral’ within this ‘Centre’. The outside of the inner tube is Negative as is the inside to the tube Negative. But there is NO Positive tube for the current to ‘flow’ to, so no current passes through this Neutral Centre water. The Field Generated by this connection generates a North Pole Negative Magnetic Field. This is the connection all JoeCell Experimenters were told is the only WAY that makes this Cell run a car. It is the connection to make a North Pole Negative Implosion Frequency and to impart this frequency to the engine block on a ‘blind’ connection so the air or Wind entering the combustion chamber implodes when sparked. Sucking the piston up as the only motive power to ‘drive’ an Internal Combustion Motorcar.
The idea of a Stage 3 Cell being required to run the motor, is the connecting or touching the alligator clip 3 times to take the Cell to the ‘Wind’ Phase of Elemental Matter. JoeCell experimenters wanted ‘orgone’ rather that the Wind to be ‘Charged Up’. As in Earth (solid), Water (liquid), Wind, (air) and Fire (electrical manifestations) as the 4 Elemental Phases of Matter. With 4 phases or electrical connections, coupled with activating each phase 4 times, we can get 16 DISTINCT outcomes from this TubeCell with just one ‘lot’ of water. Oil which is ‘oxidized water’ being one of the 16 outcomes.
The ‘right’ battery connection to a set of aluminium plates within an air intake manifold on an internal combustion motor would Charge Up the Air with the right frequency and ignitable by spark, without the catalyst of Fuel, for Implosive motive forces. Browns Gas is only one of the 16 vapors that can be obtained, and is similar to a car battery where the DC is but one of the 4 phases of electricity that can be obtained.
To activate the Cell to the 4th stage in a North Pole Field TubeCell, Joe relates the story of a 12 year old kid who wanted to take a JoeCell to Show and Tell at Primary school and make bubbles implode.
The child was from the Bates family and lived close by and would have heard these implosions many times. Master Bates, Joe’s wife called him, took the Cell to school and proceeded to do an Implosion Demo. These can be quite spectacular demos. So Master Bates filled the cell with water and powered it up in the correct sequence and tried to light the bubble with a match but was unsuccessful. So he disconnected the Cell and then started again but again failed to light the bubbles. And again he failed. The 4th time or stage 4 he was successful in lighting the bubbles that were now Stage 4 Bubbles. The resulting Implosion, sucked off all the hair on the front side of his head. Master Bates lost his eyebrow hair, eye lashes and all his forehead hair. Plus all the windows in the classroom were sucked in and had to be replaced and Joe had to pay for it. All this from a few bubbles and a match. We see stage one bubbles being lit here…
We see this Format of matter in nature where the 49er gold miners would find the same size gold particles 16 bends down stream. Every time a man ‘urinates’, the stream of urine twists 3 times and then forms droplets as the water travels to the ground. This is standard formatting to the earths magnetic Field.
This knowledge of Formatted Energy and the resultant ‘forms’ of physical matter as “Elemental States”, was once well understood by the more advanced civilizations that preceded our own today. If a Gas can be made with a mono pole electrode that ‘floats’ up in a very limited electrolysis experiment, it would theoretically be possible to make a Field of Water that has less ‘gravity’ like where Jock’s truck levitated 10mm off the ground or a coil of wire in a carpet float off with the wind, if the right Phase of ‘electricity’ is manufactured from a battery or a couple of spinning magnets combined in some same Pole configuration.
There is a reason all this was hidden from humanity. In its most recent forms, this reason again presented itself explaining energy is mass times an impossible speed of Light. Giving paid shills phd’s to explain that really nothing here is actually presented. If ‘energy’ was entirely Vibrational Frequency of the atomic structure, it gives the mechanism for wireless transmission of electricity as radio/micro/60Hz Waves. The purposeful deception of making Marconi the inventor of ‘radio’ is because they needed a ‘cover’ for what was really invented, wireless transmission of electricity and to call it the invention of Radio, to make Marconi famous, literally cancels what it is that was invented with boldface lies. Science cancelled Tesla when Tesla cancelled science. Science went on to cancel electricity in medicine and cancelled magnetism in the Atomic structure effecting every endeavor of modern mans thinking.
Then there’s the Aetheric Scalar Non-Hertzian Radiant energy made by Rotating Magnetic Fields that Tesla considered his Greatest Discovery. Found here

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