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Axial Magnet Motor
Magnet motors have a bit of a buzz at the moment so I thought I'd give one a shot.

This thread is inspired by Jim's 'neutralizing the gate' thread, after recent developments revealed by Tinman over at OUR.

I'll be using my existing 20x20, 10x5, 20x20mm stacks of N40 neo's, and a 110mm x 45mm rotor. Centre to centre of opposing rotor magnets is 42mm, so a gap of around 22mm.

Tying the rotors together will probably be a couple of pulleys running a figure 8 belt at this stage... pretty fitting Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

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Well, this is interesting. With both rotors mirrored and working in repulsive mode, not joined. Rotating so two magnets are at minimum distance, what do you think happens when you break the spell with a nudge either way?

The rotors always want to turn in the same direction together! Further, when spinning both rotors in the same direction, they can spin and slow down in unison!

Opposite spinning rotors will generally see one leverage the other and spin a little faster.

By repelling in different rotational directions, an equal and opposite reaction occurs driving both rotors (in this case) clockwise.

It'll be interesting to flip a rotor and see the behaviours that come out in attractive mode.
I'd forgotten about this PDF, so very timely to re-read with fresh eyes and a problem to solve. 

Back to school for me, magnetic gate anyone?  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

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.pdf   Howard Johnson - The Secret World Of Magnets (Spin_240229_181640.pdf (Size: 2.57 MB / Downloads: 7)
A quick video showing the effects of rocking a bar magnet N to S under ferrofluid.

Notice the gear / machine like qualities as the fluid moves to each pole to reveal the direction of flows.

4 sides shown, the last side has a peculiar effect for a uniform field Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

Edit - remembering that ferrofluid itself is also causing an action/reaction within the magnets...
It looks like I'm going down the single shaft split rotor path. After a bit of playing around with two side by side and spinning the same direction, I just couldn't reconcile the losses between two rotors.

Pictured is the test bed (in front), with 3 magnets in each - south (inflow) pointing in, and north (outflow) pointing out. In the background is the Axial chassis the rotors will go into, and to the right is a barebones version with 20mm mags and cores that spins effortlessly.

Now for the tricky bit. Magnets are much more dynamic than N and S, as I've recently come to understand. A solid afternoon of looking at ferrofluid over magnets through a magnifier has all but confirmed we are looking at two fields that interact dynamically to obtain an equilibrium, and also abstracts to show the familiar N and S poles. Kinda like a duck smoothly moving across the water, what we don't see is the engine that paddles underneath. That engine you can manipulate.

The work continues...

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