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Axial Rotating Field Generator
The axial platform has so far been a wind turbine, pulse motor and very nearly a magnet motor. So now it's time for zero point.

When I first got interested in generating power, one of the first inventions I came across was Teslas Electo-magnetic generator. This has really stuck with me, and my journey with the axial was about getting a platform I could adapt to experiment against , as well as learning the basics of electro-magnetic.

There is a lot of deeper knowledge that I've spent years accumulating, correlating, verifying (and practicing) in a wide range of unrelated activities, and they all come back to being principles or aspsects of a core mechanism that drives EVERYTHING. And that mechanism is in part torus dynamics as it pertains to the fundamental way all energy interacts. Planet scale, human scale or electron scale ... all the same.

So in essence I'm going to create a double torus with 2 sets of rotating magnets and 3 sets of rotating magnetic fields, in order to pull energy from the vacuum/aether. 

As a simple primer and thinking of a simple upright bar magnet:

The north pole is outflow
The south pole is inflow
Two vortices from these flows join in the center
Inflows and outflows through the torus can be blocked
The bloch wall or barrier is at the center
Other tori can also join at the barrier
Hidden behind the barrier exists a portal to higher density energy (simplistic for now). 

If you are on Facebook, look up Steven B Halls ... a prolific researcher who refers to art, sculptures and symbology in an attempt to unravel that which the ancients knew aeons ago...

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