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Winding coils - kloakez - 03-26-2024

Hi everyone,

what is your favourite way of winding coils? 

I just wound two coils with 100 turns of wire and I cannot believe people can do this by hand. I think I will just get a digital counter that is triggered by a magnet and wind coils using a drill/electric screwdriver. But I am curious if any of you have some convenient trick to wind coils.

I think I am going to go with this.

RE: Winding coils - unimmortal - 03-26-2024

Ahh, my least favourite task.

Cordless drill strapped down to the bench,, de-headed bolts for the core, perspex bobbin wheels, jig to hold your wire, keep it tight, wrap it in tape when you done.

I've found this to be the cleanest way of rolling coils without a bobbin or former. The wire is wound straight on the core, which I think is important.

I prefer to calculate windings first:

RE: Winding coils - Jim Mac - 03-26-2024

I use this winder ($45) in conjunction with this fishing line meter counter ($15).

Counts turns and length used, + the line meter keeps decent tension.

RE: Winding coils - kampen - 04-02-2024

Dear Jim Mac,

Thanks for Your advice for winding Coils great help.
I have ordered these tools.
Greetings, Alex

RE: Winding coils - kloakez - 04-02-2024

This is what I came up with the parts that had the earliest arrival date.


It is still tough to wind the coils but it is faster and at least I don't have to guess what number of turns I am at when someone comes to the room and asks me something  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

RE: Winding coils - kampen - 04-03-2024

Dear Kloakes,

What can I say, that's the PERFECT Coil winder!
Did You make the parts by 3-D printing?
Where did You purchase the digital counter and the sensor?
Let us know, always good to know.

RE: Winding coils - kloakez - 04-03-2024

Dear Kampen,

thanks, I like it too, it looks like a home made gun from a movie or a video game  Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. Made two 500 turn coils in about half hour. The orange parts and the black bobbin are 3D printed. I also used the winding counter unimmortal shared to know how many turns of wire I will be able to fit.

I followed this guy's video to make the coil winder, he has an Amazon link to the counter and STL's to print the holder in the video description: You can find the counter on Aliexpress too.

The black bobbin I made is parametric (you can define your own bobbin parameters and the bobbin will change shape according to that), I have a Fusion 360 project for it if anyone is interested too.

RE: Winding coils - kampen - 04-04-2024

Thank You Kloakez,
Perfect! That's exactly what we need.

RE: Winding coils - magluvin - 04-04-2024

hey all. did similarly with a drill and an optical digital rpm gun with reflective tape on the drill chuck. 3000 turns of 42awg.