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Read The Rules Please - admin - 05-18-2023

This forum encourages building and experimenting as well as sharing. But we need to keep trolling at bay. So these rules must be followed.

1. No Political Talk.  Politics are designed to divide and have no place here.  Suggestive controversial material dealing with hot political topics will be moderated and repeat offenders will also be moderated.  Keep this forum about alternative energy please.

2.  We encourage builders, not deter them.  If you already know it all, there is no need to to be here.  Skepticism and pointing out possible pitfalls is fine, but do your best to offer solutions without shutting down the builder.  

3.  Insults, name calling, and personal arguments are not allowed. If you do not like what someone is saying, walk away.  Childish behavior will be moderated.

4. No Purposeful Frauds.  We all make mistakes and we may post erroneous things from time to time as we learn.  But it is NOT COOL to post down right fraudulent claims.  If you are creating fraud videos for clicks, you will be permanently banned.

5. Active Patents-  We allow active patents to be shared, but discussion of these patents is heavily monitored. We frown upon "For-Profit projects" and are an open-source based community.  Active patent holders are usually out for profit and many times a sticky web of lawsuits entail.  Subjects like the "Holcomb Project" are off-limit for discussion here.

6. No Religious Talk.  This site is about FREE ENERGY.  There is no preaching, teaching, or debating religious views.

Report violations to

These rules will be updated as needed

RE: Read The Rules Please - Jim Mac - 01-18-2024


Posts in threads must stay on-topic with the Author's wishes.  If a thread is a "Build-Log" where the builder is working a specific angle, it is NOT the place to deter the topic and post your thoughts on different ideas and strategies.  You may open your own topic is you wish to share unrelated thoughts.

Now I understand there are gray areas and leniency shall be granted to an extent. But replies should be focused on the topic at hand..  Ask questions, give pointers, or build along.  

If a thread is focused on "Method X", it is inappropriate to barge in and deter that thread with "Method Z".  

I have created a "Dust-Bin" where posts that are unrelated to the topic will be moved to when these circumstances arise. Repeat offenders may receive a warning and habitual offenders may be moderated.

If your thread is deterred, simply message me and I will look into it.