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Lightbulb Reversing Lenz Project
Posted by: Jim Mac - 3 hours ago - Forum: Rotational Devices - Replies (1)

Notice- This Thread is NOT for posting videos or ideas of other ways to reverse Lenz.  This thread is to BUILD and DISECT "THIS METHOD PRESENTED"..  If you have other ideas, methods, etc start a new topic-  

I haven't posted in a bit because I've been busy with this new strategy.  It is highly related to other topics being discussed here but has a hidden twist.  I have verified it with my scope and it reverses Lenz Drag so induction assists motion on BOTH approach and departure.

I will start slow explaining it.  It is quite simple to understand, but it has to get through to see it.

First and Obvious-  In a regular Generator-  when a magnet is APPROACHING, the magnetic field is GROWING.  And when the magnet is DEPARTING, the Magnetic Field is SHRINKING.  This causes Lenz Drag..

Now what if we reversed it so a magnetic field is SHRINKING on Approach and GROWING on Exit?  The coil thinks the magnet going away when it is actually coming in, and thinks it is coming in when it is actually leaving!  So the drag ASSISTS motion in and out..

So HOW so make this happen?

FIRST, understand what I am about to show..

1.  When ferrous material is between 2 magnetic polarities, the metal is neutralized with No Magnetic Field.  Perfectly Balanced.


2. When the metal is over the SOUTH side of a magnet, the metal turns SOUTH.


3. Likewise, when metal is over the NORTH Side of a magnet, the metal turns NORTH.  



Keep the magnet stationary and reciprocate the bolt back and forth over the magnet. The bolt is now going SOUTH / NEUTRAL / NORTH / NEUTRAL/ Repeating.  

Now The Special Sauce!

Align an induction coil Dead Center of the magnet at the Blotch Wall..  


Now reciprocate the bolt back and forth..  What happens?  

Answer-  We reversed it as discussed earlier!  

The bolt has a strong magnetic field as it is furthest away.  As the bolt approaches, the magnetic field in the bolt WEAKENS. And when the bolt leaves Top Dead Center to the other side, the Magnetic Field in the bolt STRENGTHENS on Departure....

So the bolt is the magnet.  the coil thinks the "magnet" is coming IN when it is going away, and the coil thinks the "magnet" is going away as it is coming in!

There is no reason it needs to be reciprocation, as rotation will probably work better, but I chose reciprocation to explain in this post.  

I have verified the wave reversal on my scope.  I am currently working on best alignments and methods before I run a test with coils..  Currently I am working on determining what geometry and materials results in the most magnetic force in the ferrous material with the least cogging.  Once I am happy with the results, I will add the coils.


I encourage others to work on this approach.  And I invite other builders to share their progress and findings here.

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Posted by: unimmortal - 06-13-2024, 09:01 PM - Forum: General Free Energy Discussion - Replies (1)

After reading this article, I was left with the impression that Floyd Sweets VTA works in a very similar way by inducing a resonance, and if they are researching this for comms and tech, then they've definitlely already worked out 'free energy'

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  Planetary Gear Investigation
Posted by: Jim Mac - 06-11-2024, 07:32 PM - Forum: Magnet Only Motors - Replies (2)

This is a log for documentation to see if it will lead anywhere.

I am printing a herringbone planetary gear that is printed in 1 piece (in place) and stays together based on the herringbone gears.  A very simple setup.

It has 3 Planet gears that are the same tooth count as the Sun gear. So the sun gear should rotate at the same interval as the planet gears.


I chose a design that is simple and possible to mount magnets to for testing without much modification.


It might take me a few prints to get the right extrusion settings so it spins.  Don't know because I never printed one before.  I want to investigate the geometry and possibility of mounting 4 magnets.  The "Sun Magnet" will try to attract and align with a planet magnet, but the planets will rotate in sync.  The aim is to see if a situation can be created where the center magnet is ALWAYS trying to align with a planet but never can.  To create a Cat and Mouse system where the center magnet rotates trying to constantly align.

Probably won't work, BUT I will publish my failure anyway.  Stay tuned

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  Gear system to flip a permanent magnet
Posted by: Jim Mac - 06-08-2024, 08:45 PM - Forum: Overunity Video Sharing - Replies (3)

Scrolling through mechanical mechanisms for a future build, I saw this one.  It's pretty cool..  Perhaps it may have a use to flip a magnet while it's rotating. 

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  Fake energy generators on the net.
Posted by: dxer_87 - 06-07-2024, 08:02 PM - Forum: Non-OU Projects and Circuits - Replies (1)

I would like to share what I have observed in facebook and youtube as fake free energy generator scams.

This disinformation is sewed from many years and looking closely on a video could tell you if the system is wrong or right.

1. Motor/Solid State systems that aren't looped. 

2. It is impossible to refill energy in a system that is opened.

3. Static magnetic field cannot produce power in a coil (except for firstly energized and modified speakers or hendershot, also there was one video with a neo magnet and material insulation plus corkscrew shape steel wire that gives low amount of DC on the output, this I once tested to work, so there are exceptions, but few known).

4. If the inventor is using a magnet and a coil/electromagnet the current induces only when the magnet or coil is changing its position in space* geometrically. 

5. Some old car spark plugs had possibility to hold a very crappy voltages, if coil was wrapped on them, that means up to 1-1.5V. To achieve higher voltages spark plugs should be connected in series. Also a spark plug has some potential to work with moving magnets. 

6. If you see a few spark plugs connected to 230V output its pure nonsense. Especially that spark plugs give DC voltage. In some movies we see obvious short circuit. Then maybe the guy is using overunity alloy cables (they exist, even AC versions) and he is closing the circuit with overunity cables and achieve some amount of power on the ouput. But it is a cheat, because nowhere there in the vid the maker is not showing this fact, but sometimes especially is hardening the circuit for it to play something advanced with spark plugs, magnets, coils, transformers and speakers.

7. In many cases inventor shows a lightbulb connected into the system that looks deceiving in voltage output gain. This means that some systems give on output (or holds it preenergized) only several volts, but this is enough to drive some of the lightbulbs on that's why the only cheat is that the system has written parametres like 230VAC or 1kW of power. The real power can be 15V/5W or even less, still a lighbulb - especially modified may glow.

8. Only a few heating coils has possibilities to work with high temperatures for the sake of giving away electricity then (they are not popular or known in industry, still achieved voltages are normally low and dc).

Hope this can help in recognizing scams. To moderator: If this topic is in the wrong place, feel free to move it.

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  Tesla coils , is it a Negative resistance pump?
Posted by: Uniongarage - 06-07-2024, 06:55 AM - Forum: General Free Energy Discussion - Replies (5)

Looking into Negative Resistance, is it possible that a Tesla coil could be considered as a Negative Resistor pump? Maybe it's just me , but the concept of the Magnifying Transmitter seems to be about Negative Resistance ? Just a musing of thoughts , wondering what others think on this subject. ????

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  4 Gear Attraction Motor- Complex
Posted by: Jim Mac - 06-04-2024, 08:54 PM - Forum: Magnet Only Motors - Replies (6)

While playing with the Tinman inspired rigs, I wanted to make the rotors spin the same way so I can evaluate and think on it.  And I see this idea popping out..

It uses 4 geared rotors, 2 magnets on each gear rotor, and all magnets attract.  The idea is to let the rotors attract, and in doing so, they always bring another magnet into alignment to attract. As soon as they attract, the next 2 pairs are in attraction distance. This happens on 2 sides, all 4 rotors sequenced to induce rotation at every step in the cycle / repeating.

This idea is untested and preliminary. So this video is NOT listed.  Meaning only viewable if you know the link.

What do you think?

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  Radiant Osillator Charger .
Posted by: Uniongarage - 06-03-2024, 06:39 AM - Forum: Solid State Devices - Replies (2)

Credit to Alex Manzanero for this video and the greatest credit to Peter Sul for the development of this Radiant Oscillator Charger . It's is very interesting to say the least.

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  Coil driver for Arduino
Posted by: kloakez - 06-02-2024, 03:10 PM - Forum: Non-OU Projects and Circuits - Replies (2)

Hello everyone,

didn't know where to put this, so I am putting it here. I need a driver to drive coils with a square wave that I get from an Arduino. I used IBT_2 BTS7960, but since my coils are rather thin and long (1000 turns of 0.3 mm wire), I need about 50 V to drive them, but the BTS7960 can withstand only 27V and it broke down. Are there other Arduino compatible motor drivers that I could use to drive coils at least 60 V and 3 A?

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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  Reversing Rotational Direction Without Physically Reversing.
Posted by: Jim Mac - 06-01-2024, 09:57 PM - Forum: General Free Energy Discussion - Replies (2)

I saw a video 2 years ago and ran across it again today.  So I made my own version of the info.

This one is a head-scratcher.  Could we actually use this to make Counter Clockwise Magnetic rotation by Physically rotating Clockwise With NO gearing or transfer of force between parts?

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