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Full Version: EttCM electric Coil pull testing and Data
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The EttCM coil is a design that uses a Permanent magnet in line with a normal iron core coil 
What this coil does over a normal iron core coil is at the same watts input can produce, using 
the Permanent magnet force to develops many time more output power in magnetic force

There are two tests shown below, using the same type of iron core coils at about the same watts input
of 50 watts the pull power of each types coil design are shown.

first test is of the normal iron core coil with no permanent magnet used.
This is a normal iron core coil only
As you can see the pull force is about 1/4 lb. pull at about 50 watts input 

The next test is that of the same iron core coil be there is a permanent magnet placed in line with the coil
This is called the EttCM coil design
This is the EttCM coil design
As you can see at about the same 50 watts input the pull is 1 and 1/4 lbs. 
this is 5 times more output power developed at the same input watts
Because it is the permanent magnetic force that is developing the output power not the electric current being used

Below is the testing using different input watts to show the output pulls for each type of coil design.
Note: Even when the power is off there is a permanent magnetic force being developed on the EttCM coil design
This last test is to shows by reversing the direction of the voltage inputs the output gauss can be reduces to zero
This allows the Back Emf to be reduced to zero making No counter reaction effect. on a motor design

There are photos of the EttCM coil showing how the permanent magnets are located in several places on this forum 
under Motor and coils and such.

If you are interested in producing an EttCM coil - Note: this stuff is public domain free for everyone 
So, knock your self out. have fun, The uses are endless.


It seem this string of information is unclear to what is being shown
but to build a device using this technology could produce great power output without using
fossil fuels, wind, solar, or any thermodynamic based form of energy.
I have designed systems that could power Cars, Truck, Ships, Trains, and bigger and bigger.
or as small as running your cell phone, never needed charging again.
but it seems this string of information is unclear to what is can be used for.

This technology come from
Corinne Technical Design Engineering - email at -
Thanks Tom Wlazlak