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Full Version: what if the Pyramids are made from circles not squares
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This is something most people interested in pyramids don't think about.
Pictures from TOM.  I will let him describe what we are looking at.



The drawings above are taken from the great pyramids in Egypt. 
taken from a layout found on the internet that was shown in Royal Cubits that are 20.604 inches = 1 foot
The normal size of the pyramids is in Royal cubits are 201.5 Rc / 411 Rc / 440 Rc
converted to feet by the factor of 1.71875 the small is 346 ft. / middle is 706 ft. and the big is 756 ft.
But what if when they were new, and the layout was made to fit inside a circle
the size would be 353.5 ft. / 707 ft. and 757 ft. fitting inside circles of 500 ft. 1000 ft. and 1071 ft.
and being so the corners of the pyramids would connect to circles of even amounts to make 
and interesting lengths in radius and circumferences and shown on the drawings shown
to have one even number of 36525 is possible but having 2 of these types of 3651525 using a whole number used from the radius is millions to 1 possible, having 3 numbers having significant outcomes like 3050300 being Noha's ark's size in the bible is trillions to 1 possible.
there are 125 of these points and most have similar references to prime numbers or distance to planets, and so no, so many things there and performed without the use of computer to get the layouts in the first place.
This layout was done with the use of brain power, Maybe?

totally a point to ponder how is this possible?

Thanks Dr. Wlazlak, but you can call me Tom, It took about 9 years to develop this concept, It's one of mine.