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Full Version: Image Uploading Instructions and Help
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Please read this for image upload help.

Images can be uploaded into posts by using a full reply or starting a thread.  (Quick Replies do not allow image attachments). So make sure to click "NEW REPLY"

You will see an Image Upload Box as pictured Below:


Drag and drop or select your image..  After it uploads, you will see "Insert Into Post" button next to the image you uploaded.  As pictured below:


Click Insert and a placeholder will appear in the post text.  That placeholder will be the image.


If the image is too large, you will need to resize it.

Go here- 
  1. Select your image. 
  2. Click “Dimensions” and use 800 as the width.  The length will autofill
  3. Click “Resize”..
There will be a download link with the image correctly sized.  You can save that image and it will upload easily.